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  • Provide a free noon day meal in a dining room and to homebound individuals through Meals on Wheels.
  • Seek volunteers to operate and maintain the program.
  • Encourage donations of food, facilities, supplies, and money.
  • Provide a respectful, caring and wholesome atmosphere among recipients and volunteers.

 1 in 5 (19.6%) of our Radford-Fairlawn neighbors face food insecurity

(Feeding America Map the Meal Gap)

Radford Fairlawn Daily Bread administers two free meal programs serving the City of Radford and the Fairlawn community of Pulaski, County. We’ve been serving meals to guests through Dining Room Services since 1992. During normal times, our Dining Room in the Lower Level of 501 Second Street in Radford opens its doors at 11:00 am each weekday and ANYONE can come in and be our guest for lunch, no questions asked. We committed to the Meals on Wheels program in 2006 when it was at risk of closer and continue to deliver meals each weekday to homebound individuals in Radford and Fairlawn.

We make a significant impact in the lives of disadvantaged individuals by reducing the impact of food insecurity while also providing a sense of social support. Many of our guests do not have the resources, facilities, or ability to prepare a similar home-style meal. Our Meals on Wheels recipients report that the delivered meals enable them to stay in their own homes longer.

2020: A Community that Cares- Response to COVID Pandemic

Radford-Fairlawn Daily Bread is an excellent example of a community taking care of neighbors in need. So many groups give generously to help us continue our mission of reducing the impact of food insecurity in Radford and Fairlawn. We collaborate with student groups at both Radford University and Virginia Tech on special projects and volunteer opportunities. Individuals are referred to our programs through churches, neighbors and Radford Department of Social Services. We’ve come to believe that abundance exists when those who have enough give generously to those who have less.

When the COVID pandemic threatened the vulnerable people we serve, we implemented a multi-tiered plan to respond to the risk by using preventive practices based on the recommendation of the CDC and under the guidance of an adviser from the local Health Department. Sit-down dining room services were suspended in early March with take-out meal service offered for pick-up. Meals on Wheels deliveries continued with the meal left outside the door. As the risk increased and the Governor issued the shelter at home recommendation we moved quickly to end take-out service and formed innovative community partnerships to implement an Emergency Meal Box delivery system. Requests began flowing in for the boxes of non-perishable foods for delivery on a weekly basis. Requests were screened based on risk factors and need.

Through the spring and summer more than 100 boxes of non-perishable foods were delivered to the doors of vulnerable neighbors each Wednesday by volunteers from the Radford Police Department, Radford Sheriff’s Department, Mullins Funeral Home and McGrady-Perdue Heating and Air. More than 1250 boxes of food for up to 8350 meals were distributed to seniors, people with disabilities and struggling families in the Radford and Fairlawn communities over a three-month period.

As the COVID risk increased, donations of diverted and canned foods plummeted with cancelation of two major food drives, closure of local universities and interruption to the grocery distribution system. Our expenditure for food purchase rapidly exceeded our original budget of $5500 to more than $24,000. Additional resources were needed. The community showed up! With COVID emergency resources and an increase in local donations we were able to continue work to reduce the impact of food insecurity on seniors, people with disabilities and families facing their own challenges with rising costs.

At the close of 2020, the impact of the pandemic on our community continues. We remain committed to addressing the increasing need. Delivery of Meals on Wheels remains stable and hot prepared mid-day meals are served for take-out from our kitchen. Supplemental Food Boxes are also available at our door on request or by delivery when called. In 2020 we distributed over 27,000 meals.


# of Meals Provided Meals on Wheels Delivery


Mid-day Meal (dining room and take-out)


Emergency Food Boxes


Thank you for helping us meet the many challenges of 2020!

  • According to its By-Laws, it is managed by a Board of Directors  
  • Officers are Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.  
  • Standing committees find food sources, maintain the facility, find and organize volunteers, create publicity, oversee finances, among other aspects of maintaining the organization. 
  • A part time employee manages the daily operations of our programs.

Current Officers:

Co-Chairs: Rev. Wendy Wilson and Elizabeth Cassell
Secretary: Bob MacLeod
Treasurer: William Fry
Current Board of Directors:
Stephen Ames
Tommy Fisher
Ramona Fleisher
Frank Herzog
Peggy Taylor
Bob Thomas
Onassis Burress
John Cox, Jr.

Sources of Support:
  • Individuals, businesses, and groups who donate food and money.
  • Volunteers who donate their time in the kitchen and dining room, delivering Meals on Wheels, or picking up food at donation sites.
  • Volunteers who donate their time to maintain RFDB by serving on the Board and committees to maintain the organization and the facilities.
  • Walmart, Fairlawn provides food donations two days per week.
  • Virginia Tech Dining Services provide food donations four days per week.
  • Dining Services of Radford University provides donations of prepared food.
  • Kroger, Radford provides food donations.
  • Food Lion stores of Blacksburg and Radford deliver a variety of food occasionally.
  • United Way has provided major funding since 1992.
  • Trolinger Trust, Craigie Foundation and Lyerly Foundation provide grant funding.
  • Feeding America provides food donation and preservation support.
  • National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) provides donated food from their annual food collection drive.
  • Local churches help identify people in need and provide supplies and financial aid.
  • American Legion Boys State annual event provides donations of non-perishable food items and paper supplies.
  • FEMA provides grant funding through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program.
  • City of Radford Department of Social Services pays for some individuals receiving Meals on Wheels.
  • City of Radford CDBG CV Grant Funds cover increased costs related to response to the rising need impacted by COVID pandemic.
  • Grants have been received from the Community Foundation of the NRV, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Kroger, Allstate, Truliant Federal Credit Union, Moog Aspen and Food Lion.

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