Dining Room

Who is Served? 

Anyone may be our guest for a free meal in our Dining Room at 501 Second Street between 11AM and 12:15  Monday-Friday. Just come in, take a seat at a table, and enjoy a meal with our other guests. You will be served without questions or forms to fill out. 

We provide meals all weekdays, except New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, and when the Radford City schools close for hazardous weather.


We prepare one meal each day. Diverse dietary preferences cannot be accommodated with donated food. We do not add salt to dishes prepared in the kitchen. Some canned or packaged items included in prepared meals may already contain salt. Salt and pepper are available on the tables. Fresh fruit is served when available.

Examples of meals are:

- Salisbury Steak on whole wheat bread with gravy, mashed potatoes, greens.
- Barbeque chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, roll.
- Coldcut sandwich, soup, pasta salad, fruit.

Lunchroom meals also include choice of fresh iced tea, coffee, or water, and a dessert. 

Guests may take home bread, baked goods, produce, and other grocery items depending on available supplies. 

Volunteer Activities 

Most dining room volunteers work on scheduled days each week and may work either in food preparation or serving meals.

A Typical Day:

7-8 AM 
Cook arrives, looks at available food, prepares menu and meal.

Volunteers arrive to help cook, prepare individualized Meals on Wheels trays, help drivers load their cars, pick up donated food, stack lunchroom trays with silverware wrapped in a napkin, put out desserts, and put out donated groceries for guests to take home.

Break, if possible.

Volunteers arrive to serve lunch. Doors open at 11AM for lunchroom guests. Volunteers load trays with food, deliver trays to guests, serve drinks and refills, serve dessert, wash and dry trays, cups and silverware.

Volunteers finish washing trays and pots, clean kitchen and lunchroom tables and floors.

The kitchen is closed whenever Radford City schools are closed for hazardous weather. 

Email us at director@radfordfairlawndailybread.org for information about our volunteer positions.