Meals on Wheels


We cook one meal each week day.  Diverse dietary preferences cannot be accommodated with donated food.  We do not add salt to dishes prepared in the kitchen, however some canned or packaged items included may already contain salt.  Fresh or canned fruit is sometimes available. 

Examples of meals are:

- Chicken on whole wheat bread with gravy, mashed potatoes, greens.
- Spaghetti with meat sauce, roll, fresh garden salad, fruit.

Homebound individuals 60 years or older who prefer meals meeting nutritional standards may wish to contact the New River Valley Agency on Aging, another provider of homebound meals which meet strict nutritional requirements. 

Volunteer Activities

Volunteers typically either work in the kitchen to prepare the meals or pick up and deliver the meals.

A Typical Day:
Kitchen volunteers help cook the meals
Kitchen volunteers load hot food into carryout trays and seal them with plastic film.
Volunteer drivers arrive, check meals available against a list of recipients, and load the meals into their cars.
Volunteers deliver meals on their route.  Each day there are 3 routes with about 10-14 deliveries per route.  If no one answers, we will call contacts to try to locate the individual.

It is up to the volunteers and the recipients if they choose to chat for a while when meals are delivered.

We do not deliver meals when Radford City Public Schools are closed due to hazardous weather.

Contact Us to Volunteer.